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Stylized Cobblestone Texture

This is a free seamless tiling Stylized Cobblestone Texture I created using Substance Designer. Below are the texture maps – Ambient Occlusion, Base Color, Height map, Normal map, Roughness map, Metallic map. These are 2k size 2048 x 2048 images.

Feel free to use these how ever you like just point people back here if you want to share. Much appreciated and enjoy!

19 Dry Brush Strokes

I have made another set of handmade painted grunge 19 Dry Brush Stroke Textures that you can download for free! Use these for creating textural depth and roughing up your art. These images can help add a dry brush stroke quality that can be layered up to create a natural looking brush work in your art. Continue reading 19 Dry Brush Strokes